March 6, 2018


It's the dawn of a new vegan era! Vegandale has gone from a cheeky nickname for our empire of vegan businesses to a fully realized destination. Located in Toronto, on the stretch of Queen Street between Dufferin and Brock, Vegandale is a mecca for the ethically minded and hungry, with the best of vegan food, goods, and services co-existing on one city block.

You know the excitement you feel when you find a vegan option on a menu that seemingly shouldn’t have one or when you find that a jacket you’ve been coveting is crafted from faux-leather? Vegandale is that feeling exemplified. We’re a collaboration of premiere vegan brands looking to manifest what it means to live free from animal exploitation.

This premiere destination for the vegan and vegan curious is the only one of it’s kind, promoting a world where animal exploitation is a thing of the past. With our roots in abolitionism, our unapologetic messaging is the connection between each project we touch. Vegandale is currently home to three vegan brands (Doomie's Toronto, The Imperative & Mythology) and the Vegandale Food Drink Festival. Five more vegan projects are currently in the works to more than double our footprint! The neighbourhood and festival destinations will continue to grow, offering visitors and attendees the vegan alternative for all tastes. is our landing place for those motivated by justice, freedom for all, and vegan milkshakes. Our online hub will host all the exciting details about current and future Vegandale projects both on the block and across North America. Look for insider info on our festivals, special menus at our restaurants, and profiles on exciting brands available at our retail concept store. 

Check back regularily for the vegan news your in neighbourhood!